Shubham Sorte

iOS Developer, YouTuber and Tech Enthusiast

iOS Developer and Devops:
My tech resume

I started working as an iOS Developer from mid 2013 and from then have worked as a freelancer on many projects. One of my projects you can check out is Athletto. I have worked on numerous other iOS projects, some of which were Open Source and could be found on my Github Page. In 2016, I also worked with the peeps at Zippr on a React Native based iOS Project.

In 2017, I joined Oracle IDC as a Devops Engineer and started working on software delivery automation and CHEF orchestration tool.

My YouTube Journey
Content Creator in me

In the summer of 2016 I started making YouTube videos just for fun. I started with my Tech Channel Dark Army and then my own channel later in the year. On my personal channel I talk about stuff that bothers me and some weekly VLOG action. If someone wants to collaborate on making videos, hit me up on my social media. Make sure you check out my channels and subscribe if you want to. Just saying 😜

About Me
Outside Work

I'm a caffeine addict. I cannot live without ☕. I also workout at least 4 times a week just so that clothes fit me perfectly. I don't wanna limit my life to a 9 to 5 job at a corporate. I have a lot going on outside that. So well I never get free. I hate and love that fact.
But still if you have something you think I would be interested in doing, please reach out to me.

Thank You!